Plants as our greatest allies

Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath with a diploma from L’Herbothèque, my herbalism practice is rooted to this place and the Earth. I offer individual holistic health consultations and community workshops, as well as maintain a garden of over 60 medicinal plants to stock my homegrown apothecary. Convinced that herbalism must remain the medicine of the people, my bilingual consultations are offered on a sliding scale, either in person in Montreal’s South-West, or online.

I combine by training in traditional Western herbalism with my scientific background to support clients through a wide range of health issues using plants in order to find the balance unique to each person and return to vibrant well-being. Using a trauma-informed approach, I specialize in conditions of the nervous and digestive systems, and all things peri-natal, including burnout, allergies, anxiety, panic, and generalized fatigue. I have trained with Johanna Macy in the Work that Reconnects and Tel-Aide in active listening.

I strive to offer accessible, empowering health care to strengthen the life force towards wholeness, towards justice.  Coming from a belief that individual and community well-being and the health of our non-human relatives are inseparable, my practice fits within a context of radically caring for ourselves and for the world: we are medicine for each other.  Our work, then, is based not only on supporting the various systems of the body, but also on restoring our relationships to body, to place, and to our own ancestral traditions, turning to plants as our greatest guides.

Membre of the professional association RITMA and the Guilde des herboristes.

Receipts are available for insurance of tax deduction purposes.

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